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Posted on 04-20-2017

Get Your Pet Wellness Exam Today in Uniontown, OH!

When we first add a pet to our family, we generally pay them a lot of attention. We'll make sure they have a clean, cozy place to sleep, have good food to eat and we take them to see a veterinarian. As years pass, however, many forget the importance of an annual pet checkup. Getting a pet wellness exam at your veterinarian in Uniontown every year is important in multiple ways.

A dog and boy enjoying a good time in the park.

Your Uniontown Veterinarian Can Uncover Hidden Illnesses

Many pets are very good at hiding that they may be ill. They may look and act normally until a disease advances. This can make treatment challenging and expensive. It also may prolong your pet's suffering unnecessarily. Getting an annual wellness exam from your Uniontown and Hartville veterinarian can detect problems early, and better resolve them with the appropriate treatment program.

Pets are more at Risk as They Age

Pets are subject to many diseases that are also found in humans like arthritis, heart problems and cancer. Pets age much faster than humans, however, and as they do, pet care becomes increasingly important. If your aging pet is “slowing down” there are probably reasons. See our veterinarian in Uniontown to determine if this is natural or a sign there may be a health issue.

A Hartville Veterinarian Annual Pet Checkup Provides Peace of Mind

An annual pet wellness exam also provides something that is hard to put a price on. It gives you peace of mind knowing if your pet is healthy, free of parasites, and is getting an age appropriate diet. There is also a very practical reason for scheduling an annual wellness exam. An annual pet checkup is less expensive than emergency care or treating a pet for a serious illness.

Schedule Your Pet Wellness Exam Today

Be proactive and schedule your pet wellness exam at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic today by calling us. Uniontown Veterinary Clinic is located at 3435 Grovemont Street NW in Uniontown, Ohio. Be sure to ask about our special offer for new clients. Get the care your pet needs and the peace of mind you deserve with an annual pet wellness exam at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic.

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