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Uniontown & Hartville Veterinarian Team Offers Pet Grooming For Dogs & Cats

At our animal hospital, our Uniontown veterinarian team serves pets and people from communities near Springfield Township. It's our mission to provide devoted and comprehensive care to help animals stay as healthy and happy throughout their entire lifespan. To do this, we provide services including pet vaccinationspet surgery, and pet grooming. 

Does it surprise you to hear about pet grooming services at a veterinary clinic? If so, you're not alone. It's common to think of pet grooming as a luxury, or something that only needs to be done when your animal is visibly dirty. In reality, regular pet grooming is actually good for your pet's health. 

dog getting washed by vet

Pet Grooming Provides Many Health Benefits To Your Pet

Pet grooming is about much more than giving your pet a nice hair cut and styling (though having a clean-smelling and gorgeous-looking pet is certainly important!). Dogs and cats who are professionally groomed on a routine basis may be less likely to suffer from skin infections, matted hair, and "hot spots."

Since many pet parents come to us saying they can't trim their pet's nails (either because their animal won't let them or because they feel squeamish doing so), our groomers can safely and easily provide this service for you. 

Professional grooming visits are also a great opportunity for our staff to inspect your pet's skin, coat, ears, nails, and body overall. We'll look for any signs or symptoms of undetected tick bites, skin lesions, lumps, ear infections, and so on. If any concerns are raised, we'll be sure to connect you with a veterinarian in Uniontown right away to determine what treatment is necessary.

How To Know If Your Pet Needs A Professional Groom

Not every pet has the same grooming needs. Our pet grooming professionals have years of experience working with cats and dogs ranging in age, breed, size, and overall health status. We work closely with our Uniontown and Hartville veterinarian team to help you determine the best type and frequency of grooming that your animal will need. Typically, larger and longer-haired dogs and cats require a bit more upkeep, whereas shorter-haired animals require less. 

To help keep your animal clean in between vet appointments, we'll teach you all about the tools and techniques you need to brush your pet, clean its ears, and so on. We can also give you some hints on how to prepare your animal for its first grooming appointment, including ways to make drop-off and pick-up less stressful. 

Looking For A Pet Groomer You Can Trust? Our Uniontown Veterinarian Staff Is Ready To Help Make Your Pet's Natural Health & Beauty Shine

To learn more about our state-of-the-art pet grooming salon and other veterinary services, call Uniontown Veterinary Clinic today. We'll be happy to connect you with a Hartville and Uniontown veterinarian. Call (330) 699-9937 now.